About Us

Stokes Toothpicks allow you to enjoy the cognitive-enhancing effects of Nicotine, without the health impacts of Vapes and Cigarettes. Breathe easy with our delicious toothpicks, made from sustainably harvested American White Birch, natural ingredients, and pure tobacco-free Nicotine.

"Stokes" was created by 3 friends, all of whom occasionally smoked cigarettes or vape'd, but all of whom also enjoyed outdoor adventure and healthy living. We loved the effects of Nicotine, but wanted to avoid the consequences of burning tobacco or vaping on our lungs and throats. We also wanted to avoid the visibility and social perceptions accompanying regular tobacco use. So we decided to create something different.

Stokes toothpicks are the result of years of experimentation with organic flavors, different types of wood, and various forms of Nicotine. We use only the highest-quality ingredients, because first and foremost, we created Stokes picks for ourselves and our friends!

We also use a unique, entirely tobacco-free, non-tobacco derived source of Nicotine — giving Stokes all the pleasant cerebral effects of Nicotine, without the unpleasant connotations accompanying tobacco-products.

We are STOKED to have finally found an elegant, discreet, flavorful way to enjoy Nicotine, and we are sure you will be too!
Thanks for your interest in our toothpicks.